Just draw a line...

Here is one of my all-time-favourites...

Can you draw a line through each one of these dots, without lifting your pencil, and by drawing only 4 lines? (This means that you can make only 3 turns.)

You also can only go once through each dot...

You'll have to load me !
James Clarke has sent in the following:

'2 comments so far actually. both about your 2ndfile....just draw a line 1st off i presume u mean a straight line, no biggie there....but u could also do it with 3 straight lines connectted at VERY accute angles....as im sure u already know ;]'
Thanks, James, puzzlers: straight lines only !

The 3 lines with accute angels was my initial reaction too ! You guys really think I am giving away this riddle on such an easy answer ? No way ! There is another anwser which is possible with only three 45 degrees angels !